Meet great clients who understand and value design.

Expand your network. Our team will provide a proposal or bid for your projects.

Great Clients

We educate clients about process and costs so they are prepared to meet you and quickly make a hire decision. Focus your time on designing and building.

Platform for Trust

Our system integrates the client, designer and builder on one page and builds trust through transparency.

Independent But Connected

Build your practice with the collective knowledge gleaned from costs, schedules, and sub-consultants from hundreds of other projects.

Bid and Construction Administration

Save time by using our online bid management and collaboration software to oversee the bidding and construction administration process.

What are people saying about New Avenue

Become partner brad
"The New Avenue platform attracts good clients, establishes realistic expectations, and provides a structure for us to meet those expectations." Brad, Designer
Become partner amy
"My New Avenue clients come to the design process excited and ready to share their ideas. New Avenue provides both my clients and me with easy to use on-line tools to share our design ideas, communicate and manage all the different aspects of a project." Amy, Designer
Become partner mick
"New Avenue provides confidence to the clients and stability to me. It couldn’t be any better." Mick, Contractor

Frequently Asked Questions

Why New Avenue?
New Avenue's service is for designers and contractors who want to work independently while also benefiting from the increased efficiencies of an online design/build process.
What Does New Avenue Do?
New Avenue educates clients about the design/build process and improves communication by integrating the designer and builder in one clear process.
How long does it take to get started?
Sign up for free and New Avenue will introduce a qualified potential client within a week for free.
How do we start?
Anyone can create an online profile (sign up below) to get exposed to millions of readers. We seek to feature your best project in our educational efforts as well.

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