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Cost of a Garage Conversion to an Apartment or Accessory Dwelling in Near San Francisco

This two car garage is being converted to an guest house that will be rented out.

Legalizing an existing accessory dwelling in-law unit in San Francisco

Many have tried, few have won. The permitting process for legalizing an illegal in law apartment is scary and need not be. This is a summary of the permit process one homeowner experienced when legalizing their unpermitted in-law apartment.

Remodel and Construction Costs - How to Stay On Budget

This is a study of the process of getting bids and then managing payments to make sure you minimize surprises and stay on budget.

Harvard Study Shows Healthy Homes + Indoor Air Quality Have Massive Impact on Intelligence

Indoor air quality in offices has proven to cause a significant decrease in intelligence. The measurements of indoor air quality in our homes may prove to be even worse!

Remodel and Construction Costs - How to Stay On Budget

Best Practices in New Avenue's simple process are keeping projects on budget.

Client Quotes and Referrals

New Avenue Homes has been fortunate to receive a lot of nice feedback from the clients, architects and contractors that it works with. Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

The Cost of Permits For An Accessory Dwelling In Oakland, California

One of the architects who is a partner at New Avenue recently completed in-depth research for the permitting fees of a new Accessory Dwelling in Oakland, CA. Here are his findings.