Providing a Construction Estimate

During design a contractor may be asked to provide a Construction Estimate. A Construction Estimate is a non-binding and preliminary assessment. This is for feasibility and value engineering discussions. When you issue a construction estimate and it is approved, it does not affect or interact with the project budget.

Submitting a Construction Estimate

A Construction Estimate is submitted from the project preview that is accessible when a homeowner invites a builder to submit a proposal. Click the Create New construction Estimate button.

Submit bids tab
  1. Select the team member who needs to approve the form using the dropdown menu circled below in red. The approver should be the homeowner.

    Submit new construction estimate

  2. Fill out the rows with costs and any supporting notes for each row.

  3. Additional notes and longer text can be added at the bottom of the page.

    Construction estimate footer

  4. Click the "Issue Now" button to submit the estimate for approval.

  5. The homeowner will probably have some questions for you before approving the form. You can edit the form if there are any changes (e.g., clarifications, corrections) to be made.

  6. The homeowner will then review and approve the form.

Editing a Construction Estimate

A Construction Estimate can be edited only if it has not yet been approved. To edit a Construction Estimate, open it and click the edit button on the top right.

Construction estimate header

Canceling a Construction Estimate

A Construction Estimate can be canceled only if it has not been approved. With a form open, scroll down to find the Cancel button.

Construction estimate footer