Getting Started with a New Client

The first step is always a personal meeting with the owner and at their home so you can discuss the project and meet each other. For New Avenue's clients, the owner will complete a Goals & Ideas form on a New Avenue project page and we will send this project summary to you for your review. You will receive a link via email that you can click on to read their questionnaire answers, see a survey, plans and any other documents that are helpful for understanding who you are meeting with and to determine if the project is potentially a good fit.

If it looks like a good fit, you can post a note introducing yourself and then set up a time to meet.

For your own clients, you can start a project page, invite the owner and tell them that you use New Avenue's standard construction agreement, bid form and invoicing process because these processes protect both parties.

We tell owners that bidding a remodel can take a lot of time and effort on the contractor's part. As such, New Avenue typically introduces just one, and possibly two contractors from our group.