Submit a Payment Request Invoice

The GC Payment Request is a form used to report the General Contractor's performed work as set by the accepted construction proposal. It will be used by New Avenue for reporting construction progress to the client and invoicing the client for this completed work. A portion will go to New Avenue as defined in the project's construction agreement.

Submitting a GC Payment Request

A GC Payment Request can be submitted by going to the project budget and clicking the "payment request" button at the top.

  1. Select the team member who needs to approve the form. This is typically the homeowner.

    Payment request new head

  2. Fill out the rows with the work completed and any supporting notes. Note that work completed is reported on a percentage based on the budget less the amount previously billed. For example, if the Carpentry budget is $1000, the amount previuosly billed is $100, then reporting a percent complete of 40% will result in $1000*(40/100) - $100 = $300. You cannot report a percent complete over 100%. In order to obtain more funds, a change order must be submitted and approved.

    Payment request sample rows

  3. Additional notes and longer text can be added at the bottom of the page.

    If this invoice includes line items due to a subconsultant or subcontractor (surveyors, engineers, environmental consultants, etc.), specify additional details in the fields at the bottom of the form. Include name and contact information for New Avenue to arrange payments from the homeowner to the subconsultant or subcontractor.

    Billable additional info
  4. Hit the issue button to submit button to send it off.

  5. The homeowner will probably have some questions for you before approving the form. You can edit the form if there are any changes (e.g., clarifications, corrections) to be made.

  6. The homeowner will then review and approve the form.

Editing a Payment Request

A payment request can be edited only if it has not been approved. To edit a payment request, open it and click the edit button at the top right.

Canceling a Payment Request

A payment request can be canceled only if it has not been approved. The cancel button can be found at the bottom of the edit payment request page.

Saving a Draft

A Payment Request is a long form, and you may not have time to fill it in all at once. If you like, you can save a draft and continue working on it later. To save a draft of a Payment Request, click the "Save and Finish Later" button circled below in red.

Sov form draft

Until you issue the form, only you can see the draft.

You can access your forms drafts on the project preview page.

To issue a draft, go to the form's edit page and click "Issue Now".