Winning a Project

When an opportunity comes along you will receive an RFP invitation. This grants you access to a project's goals and ideas, a place to send messages to the client, and the opportunity to submit construction bids

Submit bids tab

Accessing the Project Preview

Your email invitation includes a link to access the project preview. You can also find a link on your dashboard.

Dashboard with project previews

Submitting a Bid

If you're interested in the project, you can submit a Construction Bid by clicking "Create New Construction Bid" under the "Submit Proposal" tab. You can learn more about drafting, editing, and submitting a Construction Bid in the Construction Bid section of this guide.

Private Messages

After you submit a Construction Bid, the client will review it. Typical construction bids require a few revisions, a meeting, and some questions and answers. You can access your bid and discuss it with the client in the "Private Messages" section. Your conversation with the homeowner is private and no other contractor will see it.

If your bid is approved, you will be added to the project team. You can now make construction progress on the project and submit Change Orders and GC Payment Requests.