Loading a project and taking an initial deposit

New Avenue charges a flat fee of $250 for a Design Session in the owner's home. This fee is for the design services provided at the Design Session.

We commit to providing a real design session and not a sales pitch at their kitchen table. In this meeting, the designer will discuss the owners goals, share some design ideas, discuss permits and then submit a 20-30 line item design proposal using the New Avenue Design Proposal form.

You can send this link to clients and then they just sign up once, the $250 is recorded in the online budget and you get a message that they signed up.

The designer is paid for this design session automatically after the design proposal is submitted.

When the design proposal is accepted we charge a deposit that is 10% of that and save that in an account. This is applied to the last invoice of the project or just refunded to the client if it is not needed.

The deposit is saved on the Budget page so everyone can see that it is there.

1. Starting a project

You can start a new project from your dashboard by clicking "Create new project page".

Starting a project

2. Inviting owners to join a project

Invite owners to join a project by clicking "Add to Team" from your project page.

Invite owners

3. Submitting a Proposal

Usually a Design Proposal is submitted from a project preview. You can submit a Design Proposal by clicking "Create New Design Proposal". You can learn more about drafting, editing, and submitting a Design Proposal in the Design Proposal section of this guide.

Create new design proposal

The homeowner may have some questions for you before approving the form. You can edit the form if there are any changes (e.g., clarifications, corrections) to be made.

The homeowner will then review and approve the form.