Sample Design Proposals

The more detailed the design proposal, the better chance the design professional will have in securing the client. We recommend that you take advantage of the notes section and explain your estimates as much as possible.

Homeowners have an existing old workshop to be converted into a short and long-term guesthouse. They would like to salvage as much of the old structure as as possible. The guesthouse should match the design style of the main house. The main home is 2200 square feet, has a 2-car detached garage, and sits on an acre-sized lot.
An example design proposal from a completed project that includes high quality but modest finishes throughout, including some estimated construction costs. This is a 1 bedroom guesthouse, 360 square feet, that was built in San Francisco.
The design proposals for a 620 square foot, 2 bedroom guesthouse. Note that design costs are not significantly greater compared to the 360 square foot guesthouse above.
A homeowner in the San Francisco Bay Area wants to remodel a 780-square foot house to add a new, larger living area with redesigned kitchen, a new bathroom for the second bedroom, an enlarged original bathroom to accommodate a wheelchair if necessary, and the conversion of the attic to accommodate two home offices.