Receiving and Approving Forms

As a homeowner, you serve as the gatekeeper to your project's budget. Changes can only be made to the budget with your approval. These changes are requested when your New Avenue project administrator, general contractor, or design professional submit online forms.

There are four Design Forms (Phases I - IV)

  1. Design Proposal - your design professional submits this at the start of a project to provide initial budget estimates. You can collect two or more design proposals. The design professional can only see his or her proposal and the conversation or comments that you make. A customer can see multiple proposals in their timeline. Clicking accept means that you want to hire that particular design professional.
  2. Deposit - a deposit form is set by New Avenue after the Design Proposal is approved and you have signed the New Avenue Design Agreement.
  3. Timesheet - a timesheet is only submitted by a design professional as it is a request for payment for services performed by the designer. This is approved and handled by the New Avenue project administrator.
  4. Add Service - an add service is a request made by the designer to perform additional work that is above and beyond the amounts in the original budget. Accepting the add service form means that you agree that you've asked for additional work and that will add the additional work to the budget. You can ask that add service requests be canceled or discuss them if you think they are unfair or unwarranted.

There are three Construction Forms (Phase V)

  1. Construction Bid - two or more contractors will submit a construction bid provide a fixed price bid for the construction phase of your project. Just like the design proposals, the contractor can only see his or her own bid but the customer can see all bids that are submitted. Accepting a bid means that you have decided to accept that bid and you want to hire that contractor.
  2. GC Payment Request - a GC payment request is a request for payment for services performed by the GC. This is audited and approved by the New Avenue project administrator and then submitted to the client as an invoice.
  3. Change order - a change order is a request made by the GC to add or remove construction work.

There is one New Avenue Form

  1. Adjustment - an adjustment is a request made by the project administrator to make corrections to any budget mistakes or add in cost for items that the owner may have paid directly such as owner purchased materials.
  2. The approval process

    Let's walk through the process by which you approve a form and changes are made to the budget. In this example, we will approve a timesheet submitted by our design professional.

    1. When a form is submitted, it will appear as a post in your timeline. Click the form title to view the form.
    2. Timesheet timeline
    3. Most forms look a lot like your budget, but with numbers only in the line items that will change. In this example, our design professional is requesting $650 for time spent at meetings. Click the blue button approve the form; it is circled in red in this example.
    4. Timesheet
    5. After the form is approved, the changes requested will automatically be made to your budget.
    6. If you do not want to approve a form, discuss your concerns with your contractor, design professional, or project administrator. It is best to do this in the timeline.

    Unapproving a form

    If you approve a form in error, you can immediately unapprove it. In the form view, simply click the orange 'unapprove' button. This will undo any changes it made to the budget.