Getting Bids and Proposals

1. Your Goals and Ideas

Fill out Goals, Family, Space, etc. Attach any photos, PDFs, and other documents under Files. More details help to make for an accurate and trustworthy bid or proposal and create productive discussions on what you are looking for.

Get proposals goals tab

2. Requesting Bids and Proposals

Under the Get Proposals tab you have the options of getting a bid or proposal from someone you know and/or our network of partner designer and builders.

Get proposals tab

From a pro you know

On the left of the Get Proposals tab, enter your pro's email in the box labeled "Designer or Builder" email, provide a friendly message, and hit "Send". You can invite as many people as you want.

This will send your inviteee an email with some instructions to log in and view your Goals, Family, Space, Files, etc. Designers will be able to submit Design Proposals and builders will be able to submit Construction Bids.

  • Invited pros do not see or interact with each other. This keeps the proposal process competitive.
  • Inviting a pro is not the same thing as hiring them. You must approve a proposal or a bid to formally hire them.

From our pros

On the right of the Get Proposals tab, click "Request Now". A New Avenue representative will reach out to you to start the process.

3. Answer questions, get clarifications, compare bids and proposals

Pros may have questions about your project or want to meet with you in person. Below, you can see on the timeline Ben sent a private message to Stephen. Be sure to respond to keep the dialog going.

Get proposals respond to questions

4. Hire a pro by approving their bid or proposal

When you have compared the bids or proposals you need, open and approve the one you like! The designer or builder will be invited to become a member of your project.

Get proposals design proposal actions

5. Work together!

Your designer or builder can now submit Add Services/Change Orders to make changes to the budget and Timesheets/Payment Requests to get paid.