Not Receiving Emails

The most common cause of project notification emails not getting through is they are getting caught by an email service provider's spam filters or other kinds of filters.

Look in your spam or junk folders

Click into your email client's spam or junk folders and search for email from New Avenue. The from address is Open these messages and mark them as "not spam" and/or "important" so that any inbox filtering learns to direct these messages to your inbox.

Gmail Tabs

Users set up on personal Gmail accounts with the tabs feature turned on may find New Avenue emails going to the Updates tab or Forums tab. While these tabs are not classifications for spam, they may escape immediate attention.

To get messages to show in the Primary tab or other desired tab, you can drag the message over to it.

Email move gmail tab

You can also right-click on the message and move it that way.

Email move gmail right

Create a Filter

If your email client allows it, you can create a filter to decisively direct emails to where you want them to go. The screenshots below are for Gmail. Other email clients may have similar configuration.

In the Gmail search box, enter ' '. Open the 'Show more Search Options' menu, then 'Create filter with this search »'.

Email gmail filter0 Email gmail filter1

Be sure to tick 'Never send it to Spam'. Optionally, if you are using Gmail tabs, you can tick Categorize and set what tab you want Gmail to put messages under.

Email gmail filter2

If you are still not receiving our emails, let us know!