The Platform and the Process

The New Avenue platform provides structure, people, and data to create an integrated project delivery experience for remodels, additions, accessory dwellings, and new home builds. A New Avenue project team works around a timeline, road map, and interactive budgeting tools.

Team Collaborators

We partner with qualified designers and contractors to provide homeowners with an all-in-one solution. Every New Avenue project will have the following team members:

  1. The homeowner - The client or project owner
  2. The professional designer - With previous experience relevant for the project, they enter the project very early on
  3. The general contractor - The builder who will coordinate and deliver on construction matters

Project Phases

All New Avenue projects are structured into five phases. This structure defends homeowners from unrealistic proposals, cost overruns, and scope and schedule creep.

Phase I
Phase I - Pre-design

New Avenue provides a unique platform that marries an online project page with a timeline. This makes it easy to collect ideas, collaborate with your team, obtain standard proposals and manage the budget. It's the first and only "Project Delivery" system.

1 Week
  • Free
Phase I
Research and Feasibility Report
Phase I - Research and Feasibility Report

The designer will research zoning and permitting requirements and give the homeowner a report of city fees, project constraints and an updated project budget. The designer will meet with the homeowner to review the report and then start the design process.

1-2 Weeks
  • $2,500 maximum fee. Billed hourly, this is a not to exceed amount.
Phase II
Floor Plans and Planning Permits
Phase II - Floor Plans and Planning Permits

The designer works with the homeowner to create plans. The homeowner will get floor plans, site plans, and furniture layouts. The project schedule and budget are updated accordingly if needed. All zoning forms will be completed and submitted.

~1 month
  • $2,000-$4,000 of designer time
  • ~$4,000 in city planning/zoning permit fees (average $4,000 but range from $150-$40,000 – fees are researched in Phase I)
  • $1,500-$2,500 for site survey
Phase III
Design Details: Materials and Appliances
Phase III - Design Details: Materials and Appliances

The Roadmap provides templates to help the homeowner pick finish details such as appliances, floor type, siding material, window and door selections, roofing material, heating systems, tile and other material selections necessary to complete the homeowner's project. The homeowner can do much of this independently, and the designer will provide guidance to local stores.

~1-2 months
  • $2,000-$8,000+ of designer time (as much or as little time as you'd like)
Phase IV
Documentation and Building Permits
Phase IV - Documentation and Building Permits

The designer prepares final construction documents, specifications and submittals for city building permits. By this phase, the homeowner will get plans that include as-built drawings, site plans, demolition plans, floor plans, cross-sections, engineering, interior and exterior elevations, and finish schedules. Structural engineering will be completed by a licensed engineer. The homeowner will receive their building permit now.

~1 month
  • $4,000-$7,000 of designer time and engineering as required. Engineering typically costs $4,000.
  • ~$3,000-$6,000 in building permit fees.
Phase V
Phase V - Construction

New Avenue certified General Contractors will:

  • Solicit and review bids from licensed general contractors.
  • Provide a standard construction agreement for the homeowner and the contractor.
  • Oversee the construction progress.
  • Complete progress reports and invoice for the percent of work that is completed on a biweekly basis.
  • Review and approve or deny of any changes requested by owner or contractor.
~4-8 months

Final pricing will increase or decrease with design decisions. The team works to maximize space and features for the budget and fix a guaranteed maximum price before construction begins.