Following the Project Roadmap

To the left of your timeline is your project roadmap. The roadmap is made of a series of numbered milestones, and each milestone is divided into tasks. The roadmap covers all the steps necessary to build an accessory dwelling.

Project roadmap

Your roadmap is your guide to what needs to get done. You should follow it closely and check off tasks as they are completed. This will keep your project on track and ensure that the homeowner, design professional, and general contractor fulfill all their responsibilities.

Working with Tasks

Each milestone is divided into tasks. You mark a task complete by clicking the checkbox to the left of each task description.

Project roadmap closeup

Some tasks have online exercises or files tied to them. These tasks have a blue "Go" button next to them. Click this button to access the exercise and complete it.

Project roadmap task go

Some tasks have more detailed descriptions of what needs to get done. These tasks have a yellow '?' next to them.

Project roadmap task tooltip

Hover your mouse over this question mark to read the task description.

Project roadmap task tooltip expanded

Working with Milestones

Once you have completed all tasks within a milestone, that milestone is complete. You can advance to the next milestone by clicking its title.

Project roadmap diff milestone

The order in which milestones and tasks are completed is not strict – it will vary for every project. There is no harm in skipping between different milestones as tasks are complete. Generally speaking however, your project will follow the outline of the roadmap.