Collaborating on the Timeline

The centerpiece of the project page is the timeline. Here it is circled in red: Project page timeline

The timeline is a list of posts created by team members, and every team member can see and respond to what is posted. The timeline is the best way to share ideas and collaborate with other members of your team. For example, you could use your timeline to:

  • Share your pinterest page so the entire team understands what you like.
  • Save images or floor plans from New Avenue's clients or design ideas pages.
  • Keep track of products you like.

Also, if you hire New Avenue for your project administration, all of your proposals and invoices will be submitted for your review and approval here.

How to make a post

Making post
  1. Type your message inside the text box at the top of your timeline.
  2. If you'd like to attach a file, click the paperclip button on the bottom left. You will be prompted to choose a file to upload.
  3. When you're ready, click "Post". Your post will immediately appear on the timeline.

How to reply to a post

Posts can have a series of replies, just like an email. Replies appear directly below the original post. In this example, our designer has replied to our original post:


How do we reply back?

Making reply
  1. Type your message in the text box just below the original post.
  2. Like a regular post, you can add an attachment by clicking the paperclip button.
  3. Click "Reply". Your reply will appear immediately below the original post.
Replied again

Reply by email

When a post is made to the timeline of a project you belong to, you will receive an email notification of the post. You can read the post in the email itself, skipping the need to sign in to your project page.

Even better than that, if you reply to the email notification, your message will automatically appear as a reply to the original post. How neat is that?