Pasadena: A ground up house.

San Francisco: A vertical addition to an existing house. It has roof deck, that is a small balcony that was added due to the need for a setback. The project obtained a variance quickly because the neighbors supported the project. To quote Randy: "If you get the neighbors support then you can do anything in San Francisco. Talk to them early and talk to them often, bring them cookies"

Hillsboro: Eichler remodel for a real estate developer who was going to flip it but liked it and moved in and is still there. Demonstrates how modern if done well, holds for a long time. The project was a whole house remodel, added a bedroom, central air, new floors, windows while “respecting the eichler-ness“.

Oakland: Upper Rockridge ground up new home on an undeveloped lot. The project is called the Alpine Residence. It is a 4500 square foot home plus a 3-car garage and guest studio that is another 1,000 square feet. The cost at the time was $2,500,000.

Fort Bragg: An A-Frame in construction. The owner wants to put it on AirBnB. It is on about half an acre, tucked in a ravine, and surrounded by redwood trees.

Fremont: Converting a workshop into an ADU. At first the Planning department said no way, you can't do it because it violates the setbacks and they think that only an existing garage is allowed to have smaller setbacks. We had to read the state law (SB 1069) and show planning that they should approve it because all accessory structures are covered, and they did!

Pebble Beach House: Details and floor plans for a large custom house. The lead was a separate architect. The 5,000 square foot home is detailed like a museum, all stone and aluminum panel, not a piece of wood in the home outside of some small trim. It has steel frame, real stone, aluminum siding. The homes has an aluminum paneled hidden garage door is a tricky feature

Fremont: Railroad Museum for the Niles Canyon Railway. This was an attempt to reconstruct a building that was torn down in 1901. The station did not get built yet due to fundraising needs of the non-profit.

Healdsburg: Garage and workshop

Wes Jones: Collaboration and work with a bleeding edge 90s starchitect. Currently doing a duplex in Los Angeles that can be discussed but not shown it includes a main building and a small second unit

Senior Adjunct Professor at CCA

Hometa: A building plans company. Building plans were all from decent architects. Designed a three-story modern house.. Randy’s opinion: “It’s cool”.

Richmond: Coffee shop in process. The owner is getting bad advice from contractors saying you don't need a permit for the work. It’s falling on the architect to clarify why the health codes matter and why permits are necessary.

Palo Alto: Did all the detailing for a ground up house in Palo Alto. Did not do the permitting though.

San Francisco, CA

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